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    Betta Bred Changes

    Post by Storm on Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:51 am

    Changes To Betta Bred

    After a staff meeting we have decided that a few things need to change on the shop and the forum. These changes are to try and make everything run smoother and easier, so we hope you all understand why we have had to change a few things.

    Could members please PM Myself or Kel, if they have a question about the forum/stock or the shop. At the moment it's alittle one sided. I can deal with shop/stock and forum requests to.

    Newsletters will be sent out Monthly from now, however if we get new stock in these updates will be sent out accordingly.

    At the moment the team have decided that the Special Access area is not doing the job we expected. So therefore we are going to scrap it. We are now going to issue a discount code/voucher to active members based on the new rankings system. More details on this will be sorted very shortly.

    Members that are currently on the Special Access list now will get a voucher to cover them this month whilst everything is changing over. These will be issued by myself or kel through the PM system.

    The team have decided that active members will get a 10% discount no more, no less, this can be used towards fish or dry goods. We have to bare in mind that kel needs to make a slight profit here, and at the moment these fish are fairly cheap compared to the equivalent standard imports available on ebay.

    If you place an order it is expected that fish delivery will take place within a week unless a member has pm'd myself or kel with a good reason.

    We can't hold fish longer than this as it delays us getting new stock in. If fish are not collected/delivered within the week, we have no choice but to put them back up for sale, refunding the payment made minus an admin fee of £2.

    Also please use the checkout system in the shop as emails and pm's when looking to buy take up a lot of time to reply to as well as having to send additional invoices.

    This time could be better used for spawning which would also reduce prices in the long term.

    There will also now be a specific thread in the shop area for people to put any requests in for any particular types or colours. If we are able to source then the person who requested will have first option to buy.

    Well folks that's everything i hope you are all happy with the new changes that are going to take place.


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