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    Special Access, What is it????



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    Special Access, What is it????

    Post by Storm on Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:20 am

    Right a few people have asked me why do some people appear in purple and other yellow, so i will do my best to explain now.

    What is Special Access? Special Access allows purple members, to read a part of the forum that yellow members can't see. If you are a purple member you can see the latest betta bred stock as soon as it arrive. However if you are a yellow member you have to wait atleast a week.

    How do i gain Special Access? Easy as 123, just make 5 posts anywhere on the forum a week.

    Why have Special Access? we created this group, to reward our active members Smile

    What if i don't make 5 posts in a week? You appear in yellow, until you have posted 5 times.

    I have posted 5 times this week, and i am still yellow? Simple just PM me or Kel and we will turn you purple straight away, then we will supply you with a link to the latest betta bred stock.

    So i hope i have cleared that up for everyone now, if you have any questions at all leave them here. Smile

    Betta Bred Staff Smile


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