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    Welcome everyone


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    Welcome everyone

    Post by kel on Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:02 am

    Well I'm the main admin...

    also one half of Bettabred Very Happy

    My name is Kelly and I run bettabred along with my other half turtle.

    We' re hobbyist breeders based in Birmingham with a passion for bettas. We love them but find the UK is lacking in show quality stock so we aim to breed the best! Unfortunately this is expensive so lucky for anyone else who loves them we'll be selling on some of our babies as we can't keep them all. Wink

    At present all our fish are home bred from original show quality Thai imports or carefully partnered with bettas from reputable dealers and hobbysits from here in the UK.

    This is a hobby and passion not a business so we don't have a big range for sale at any one time but our fish are pets...we are not a factory!

    We want the best but can't keep them all so if you want top bettas to create your own unique breeding lines or just want a gorgeous fish then there's a good chance we might have some that might just be what your'e after... check out the sale section!

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