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    Kristen N. Munn (from our facebook group) How i breed my betta


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    Kristen N. Munn (from our facebook group) How i breed my betta

    Post by Storm on Thu Jul 17, 2014 8:19 am

    I choose the pair I want to breed a few days in advance to make sure they are the ones I want to breed.

    HOW I CONDITION: I condition my betta fish by using either a 5g tank or a bucket, I fill the tank or bucket most of the way full. I soak the water with almond leaf till the water is a yellow brownish colour I add the male to the tank or bucket and then add the female in a container big enough for her to swim in (making sure she can not get out). there the male flares and does a "teaser" nest, if the nest is big enough I will scoop it out and put in breeding tank. I feed them both everyday with the normal food I would any other day. I keep them in there for about 2 weeks unless my female looks ready for the breeding tank and the male has made a few nests.

    TANK SET UP: I use two 5g tanks and two 10g tanks for my breeding making a total of 4. the two 10g tanks a filled up halfway and the 5gs are filled most of the way. I add the heater making sure its at 80 degrees. I add 2 plants real or fake, and almond leaf to make the water yellowish. I add a foam piece to the tank for the male to make a nest under( I also use the lids that stores give you) I try to set this up the 2 week of conditioning.

    ADDING THE PAIR: when adding the pair I add the male first for 30mins so he gets used to the tank and gets the idea of what's going on, when adding the female I put her in a temporary container to clean out the one she was in. after its cleaned I put some of the conditioning water in the container and put the female back in. after the female is in her container I add the container to the breeding tank. the male will flare and hopefully continue his nest from the few nests I added already from conditioning. after the male has a good nest going and the female has her vertical bars and or eggs spot is down I carefully release the female. from there I just check on them to see if they have started breeding.

    I make sure to feed the pair a small amount before while in the breeding tank and before I release the female I give them a decent amount of food.
    after breeding I take the female out and leave the male to be the daddy
    I leave the male in until the fry start to free swim there I take the male out very carefully. from there I add a air stone set to low and let my fry grow I feed them micro worms the first 2 weeks, then first bites, colour enhancing flakes, freeze dried blood worms and frozen blood worms.
    I wait about 6 weeks before I move them into the grow out tank.

    that is how I breed my betta fish




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