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    Hello :)

    Post by crystalinedragon on Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:55 am

    Hi. I'm Jen. I recently decided to get back into the mad world of fish keeping (been without a tank for almost 7 years and after 20 years of having tanks before then I just missed my finned babies too much).

    I'd always loved Bettas but, as I'd previously had community tanks with fin nippers, it was never an option before. Currently have a 24L tank and bought my first male Betta on Friday. Once he settles into his new home a bit better I'll post some pics of him. He's a bit camera shy and is fine if I'm beside his tank but the second he sees the camera he scarpers behind the plants Rolling Eyes

    Waiting on delivery of a 30L and a 60L tank later this week. The plan had been to only have one Betta but you know how it goes, they are worse than pringles Very Happy one is NEVER enough.

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